What is Autism?


 Amythest Schaber has an excellent video blog on Youtube, addressing various topics in autism.


The first question after a diagnosis of autism is often, “What does this mean for my child?

Autism can be a scary word.  But the reality doesn’t have to be scary.

Both good and misleading information and support can be found online.  There is a lot of controversy about the nature of autism and ways to treat it – so internet surfer, beware.

Two of the best sources of information are people with autism, and families of people with autism.  There really is no substitute for life experience.  In addition, we’ve listed a few good general autism websites.

Blogs of People With Autism: Lives Being Lived

Emma’s Hope Book
Musings of an Aspie
We Are Like Your Child

Autism Parenting

30 Days of Autism
Affect Autism
Bright Side of Life
Day Sixty-Seven…And Everything After
Diary of a Mom
Mama Be Good
MOM – Not Otherwise Specified
Not Alone: Finding Faith and Friendship for the Special-Needs Journey
Parenting Autistic Children with Love and Acceptance
Respectfully Connected


General Information on Autism:

 Autism Canada

Autism Canada puts special focus on providing information, referral and resources for parents and other family members who are seeking support for children with autism. This site also provides news, resources and links for youths and adults on the spectrum. An exciting feature of the site is Autism Junction – a searchable Canada-wide Directory of ASD services and related supports.

Autism Awareness Centre

The Autism Awareness Centre believes that education is the key to success in assisting individuals who have autism. With numerous social, communication, and behavioral intervention methods and the more recent field of biomedical interventions, it is important to keep parents and professionals on the leading edge of new information.


Ollibean is a dynamic community of parents, families and advocates in the disability community working together for a more socially just, accessible and inclusive world.

Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism

A one-stop source for carefully curated, evidence-based information from autism parents, autistics, and autism professionals.