Parent Seminar: Guiding Potential and Restoring Hope

Maintaining your long term perspective for your child with autism leads to meaningful growth and learning (and restores hope along the way!) RDI (Relationship Development Intervention) offers strategies to build parent-child relationships to help the child grow. We will explore the importance of trusting your instincts as a parent to maintain your long term perspective towards your child’s development, and […]

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Indoor Fun in Winnipeg

As we’ve said before, our Manitoba winters are long! We’ve created a list of outdoor fun, but sometimes even the toughest of us need a break from the cold. In recognition of that fact, we’re providing a list of more places to play – this time indoors.   Indoor Playgrounds Indoor playgrounds come with many of the benefits of outdoor […]

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A Girl and Her Dog

Service dogs are fast becoming an accepted and recognized support for children and adults with autism.  In addition to helping with safety concerns such as wandering, service dogs also provide social-emotional and sensory support that can help children cope with a sometimes chaotic world, give them opportunities to interact and play, and even help them sleep well.  Here is one family’s story. […]

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