Friday Features: December 21, 2017

Happy Holidays!

We hope that in the upcoming break from school, you can make time to celebrate with the people you love and to enjoy the things you can do together.

In case you’re looking for ideas…

Ten ASD Friendly Things to Do At Christmas in Winnipeg

Some of the events in this post are done, but others last through the season.


Winnipeg Winter Fun: Ten Places to Play

With this cold snap, the ice should be frozen.



Indoor Fun in Winnipeg

If the cold snap doesn’t quit, you might need this list!

It’s been updated based on suggestions from our Facebook group.


Giggle Games

Some suggestions for how you can have fun with your child, at home or on an outing.

Dr. Rachelle Sheely: Healing for the Whole Family

The holidays are all about doing things with friends and family.  Sometimes that can be hard for kids with autism, and also hard for parents who have so much they want to share with their children.  In this video (written transcript included), Dr. Sheely talks about the process of guiding our children to engage with the world, and how RDI can help.

ADAPT is taking a break from blogging until the first week in January.  Until then, have a wonderful holiday!

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