Friday Features: January 12, 2018

Happy New Year!  On the list today is research on DIR/Floortime, discussions of autism services in Ontario and in the national news, and an opportunity to learn more about RDSPs.

Pushing to Expand Ontario’s Autism Services

Ontario recently revamped their funding process to allow parents to choose who they hire for therapy for children with autism.  The catch?  There’s a list of approved providers and ABA is the only therapy model on the list.

Concerned parents and other citizens can advocate for availability of developmental therapies in a Tele Town Hall – one was held on the 11th, another is still upcoming on January 17.  Letters or emails are also a great idea.

What happens in one province is noticed in others…

Autism in the National News

There has been a flurry of articles recently about families of children with autism in crisis.  This CTV article has a pretty clear statement of the problem – provinces varying in services provided, and a lack of diversity in services.  People with autism don’t all need the same things.  We wish governments would consider providing a greater array of options, including developmental therapies and crisis support, instead of only talking about offering more ABA.

New Research: Benefits Of DIR/Floortime

Two new studies have found that DIR/Floortime programs offer benefits for children in self-regulation, engagement, behavioral organization, and two-way purposeful communication.

Saving for the Future with an RDSP

Learn about who’s eligible, how to open an account, and how to make the most of an RDSP.

January 25, 12-1 pm.  Register by January 19.  It’s free.

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