Preschool Options

If your child is disgnosed before they enter school, there are several programs available to help.

Autism Outreach

(Winnipeg and Rural Manitoba)

The Autism Outreach program in Manitoba uses DIR/Floortime as a resource, as well as other approaches including behavioral therapies such as the Early Start Denver Model.  It’s an eclectic program that might look different according to the therapist’s background and family needs and requests.



The Rehabilitation Centre for Children at SSCY offers the Relate program for parents of children on the autism spectrum, based on RDI (Relationship Development Intervention).  RDI® is a parent-based intervention program where parents are provided with the tools to teach their children motivation, friendship, empathy and enjoyment in sharing experiences with others.  Seminars for parents and for professionals are also offered.  For more information about the program or how to apply, call SSCY at (204) 452-4311.

St. Amant Autism Services ABA Program

(Winnipeg and Rural)


St.Amant offers Autism Services programming through its Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Program. ABA is not a developmental approach.  Rather, it uses “behavioural science and techniques in a planned and systematic way to assess, teach and improve socially significant behaviours to help an individual with autism to live a full and fully functional life.”

Some families have found ABA and developmental strategies to be an effective combination, although in Manitoba a child may not participate in two funded programs at the same time.  This program is fully funded by the government and available throughout the province.

Private Options


In addition to the Relate program, RDI is available through private therapy in Winnipeg.

For more information:


Leanne Howlett is a certified DIR/Floortime therapist who works at the privately-owned Autism Learning Centre in Winnipeg.

Some DIR therapists are willing to work with families over distances through Skype and email.  Autism DATA hosts a list of certified practitioners in Canada who offer online consulting services.

Speech and Occupational Therapy

Occupational and speech therapists can be hired privately and can be a great support for a child with autism. Many occupational and speech therapists in Manitoba have had some training in RDI, DIR/Floortime, PLAY Project or Hanen, and are happy to support your child using developmental strategies.  You can certainly ask before you start working with a therapist if they have any qualifications or experience.  You can find a list of Manitoban Occupational Therapists here, and Speech Therapists here.

Montessori Preschool

Some families have seen excellent growth in their children with the help of a good preschool.  There are several Montessori schools in Winnipeg.  One of the central ideas of Montessori is to follow a child’s lead to support learning based on their interests.